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Cleandrone develops flying robotic systems which inspect and clean large industrial facilities, like solar PV or CSP plants and commercial buildings or skyscrapers.

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So many solar panels to look after!

Cleandrone inspects and cleans large PV solar farms in a fully automated efficient way, using computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques.

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Do you want to clean all those mirrors weekly?

A large CSP collector field can be composed of tens of thousands of heliostats making up several hectares of mirror surface which must be cleaned on a weekly basis. Cleandrone can dramatically cut the operational costs for CSP plants.

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So much to clean, so high!

By using Cleandrone labour risks are avoided and a more continuous and efficient operation can be achieved.

Amazing Technology

A future where flying robots will take over risky and tedious maintenance tasks from humans

Proprietary drones
Deep learning
Computer vision
Cloud services

"Cleandrone develops flying robotic systems that inspect and clean glass surfaces. Our sense and engage on-board navigational system enables drones to work quickly and efficiently in hard to reach places."

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