Cleansolar Solutions UK Ltd signs letter of intent

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd (, have agreed to be the UK launch customer for Cleandrone’s solar farm cleaning drone.

John Whiten, head of operations at Cleandrone enthuses “This is fantastic news for Cleandrone, proving the considerable commercial potential of our cleaning drone before it is commercially available. It also allows us to further grow our great relationship with Clean Solar Solutions, with whom we already partner in the delivery of solar farm thermographic surveys. This agreement allows us to gain access to their significant knowledge base, from subjects such as module warranty protection to the intricacies of cleaning water quality. The relationship is mutually beneficial; Cleandrone gains very specific technical knowhow from Clean Solar Solutions and, in turn, they gain the ability to contribute to the development of the Cleandrone cleaning system.”

Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions comments, “We have chosen to promote Cleandrone because we recognise the long term potential of this product.  As a company, we try our best to be pioneers for solar panel cleaning, to be the tip of the arrow. We forge ahead with new cleaning techniques that can be used in a variety of applications, most recently pioneering methods of cleaning floating solar panels.  Cleaning using drones certainly has great potential and we want to be right up there using this technology as soon as it becomes available.  It’s a very exciting proposition.”




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