Thermal and Visual inspections services offered

At Cleandrone, we offer the following services for Solar Farms at different points in their life-cycle.

  • Commissioning Acceptance – Identifies installation & module quality issues
  • Annual Inspections – Ensures site quality and O&M compliance
  • Troubleshooting – Identifying the root cause of low production levels
  • Storm damage inspections
  • Due diligence – Identifies module quality issues before acquisition/purchase
  • Single step warranty claims support

100% Inspection Coverage

Traditionally, thermal inspections have been done using hand-held devices. This manual process is both time consuming and only provides results for a small portion of your site. It also does not provide uniformity across multiple sites or year-over-year.
With Sherlock™ Platform, 100% of your solar site is inspected and documented. In addition, we provide uniform data year-over-year and across multiple sites.

Watch a video of Sherlock in action!


Faster surveys and data processing reduce costs


Minimises site visits and improves on-site health & safety


Standardised, consistent and automated survey procedures ensure consistent accurate results.


Identification of exact location and serial numbers of faulty modules promotes efficient maintenance resource allocation.


Data collected, fully analysed and returned to customer in an easy to access format including full fault report and mapping.


Stable octocopter with onboard computer, visual and thermal cameras and irradiance meter.

Fault Finding

Common faults with modules that Sherlock detects include:

  • Clusters of thermal anomalies
  • Hotspots
  • Bipass diode failures
  • Disconnected modules

Cleandrone GCS

Cleandrone’s proprietary Ground Control System allows fast and easy flight planning and automated fault finding and report generation.

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