Sherlock has been developed to undertake thermal imaging of solar farms. The Sherlock system is built around an X8 multicopter with integrated thermal IR and visual range cameras.  The IR camera captures thermal images of solar equipment from which faults can be detected and the visual range camera provides additional diagnostic information. Also on board are a GPS receiver, a wifi link and a calibrated solar radiation sensor. The system is wholly integrated and controlled by the embedded Jetson TK1 processor.

Sherlock Specs

X8 Multicopter

The X8 is a powerful and versatile solution for autonomous flight applications with full redundancy and includes an advanced PixHawk autopilot system.

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Sherlock uses high resolution cameras to ensure the best possible results.

Infrared camera

  • Captures thermal images of solar equipment
  • ±2C or ±2% accuracy

Visual range camera

  • 18 MP image provides additional diagnostic information

Also onboard

Onboard solar radiation sensor

  • If solar irradiance drops below a pre defined threshold Sherlock will hover until the required irradiance returns

Onboard Computer

  • The system is wholly integrated and controlled by the embedded microprocessor

Compliant with IEC 62446-3 Standard for Outdoor Infrared Thermography

  • The IEC 62446-3 Standard ensures consistent and repeatable results
Solar radiation sensor

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